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ArtClash was designed to encourage people to practice drawing, sketching and cartooning every day.

Play "ArtClash" now on Android

The HinterLands is a multiplayer Indie sandbox game with mining, crafting and exploration elements.

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Fluffles is a physics puzzle game, where you fling the fluffles through space, to get them closer to their home world.

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Ackmi Dress Up is game where you can dress up a character, try on different clothes and jewerly, and change all the colors!

Play "Ackmi Dress Up & Jewelry" now on Android

Our Story

Ackmi was started by husband and wife, Chris and Megan, as a way to work on games and apps, back in 2011.
Since then, we started with market research, and found dress up games were well searched for, but with limited competiton.
We broke into the market with "Ackmi Dress Up 1", which was a surprise hit its first christmas.
From there, we went on to create multiple other dress up games, an "Angry birds" like game named "Fluffles".
As a side project, Chris worked on the Infiniminer/ Minecraft / Terraria inspired game "The HinterLands".
Megan and Chris both loved playing multiplayer games together, but when they found Terraria's creators had broken up, gone there seperate ways, and there was no hope for a Terraria like game on Android, they decided to give it a try.
It was succesfful after about a month on the Android market, and continued to grow in popularity until 505 games contacted Terraria's creators about porting it to Android.
At it's release, The Hinterlands was still doing well, and was more complete + offered multiple modes of multiplayer.
But soon afterwards, it became impossible to find "The HinterLands" anymore, using any relevant keyword search, even searching for the name directly.
The new people being able to find the game dropped off significantly. Millions of people were still playing, but the game was still under development, and not finished yet.
So the amount of people able to find it dropped off steadily, with regulars continuing to play and support the game, but impossible to find any new players except through word of mouth.

During this time Chris caught a digestive tract infection, and became deathly sick.
They didn't have healthcare at the time, because Chris had been denied because of a "pre-existing condition" of having acid reflux in the past, and the only way they could have healthcare was to work for a large company, or move to a country with better healthcare.

Chris's health continued to deteriorate, and was lucky to still be alive, but unable to work, think, or live like a normal person.

They both tried to save the business, working long hours, and never giving up, but their debt continued to grow, and the game was unable to be found.
And so at some point, they both agreed that the more they worked on the game, the less they made, and it was a losing battle.
Megan decided to apply for low paying jobs to support them, and Chris continued to try to keep the business going the best he could, while spending significant time trying to go to doctors, talking to other people and trying to improve his health even a little bit.

Chris still has major health issues, but has had some improvement since finding out about functional medicine, and will keep fighting to one day be able to work full time again.

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