The HinterLands PC Version ready for download!

The Free PC version is ready for download. Let me know when you want to see the paid!

Waiting for approval through Amazon for their PC app store.

Steam Greenlight isn’t looking positive – only about 25% “yes” votes, no one is apparently interested in further development on the game on PC 🙁


Download it here

Description in case you don’t know:

The HinterLands is a multiplayer 2d mining sandbox game, and was released early in alpha to encourage people to contribute to development.
It has grown a ton, and keeps growing thanks to player feedback! Contribute ideas and feedback, and help shape the future of the game.
Mine the world for resources, build great structures, harvest plants, trees and mobs, all with friends or random players!

•• Multiplayer Modes ••
• Play multiplayer over wifi/LAN (with mobile devices or desktops)
• Join a PC server and play with tons of people (both on desktop and mobile devices)
• PvP recently added- fight against friends or random players!

•• Features ••
• Fight mobs with fast combo attacks, or slow strong attacks, blocking, or turn off hostile mobs, go into creative mode, it’s all your choice!
• Build structures using tons of blocks and items!
• Farm mobs for resources, or destroy them for food to regain health, and stop hunger
• Harvest trees and plants for food, potions, or seeds to replant and grow your own forests

•• Features Coming Soon ••
• Redesigned UI: easier inventory system, more advanced item, armor and weapon crafting system, equippable armor and clothes, and quests
• Bosses, more mobs, and more biomes

•• Planned features ••
• Player vs. Player: Free for all, capture the flag, team oriented with different classes, tower defense with creeps and towers
• NPC’s: Characters to give you quests, buy and trade items
• Pets: Animals to join you on quests and in combat
• Level editor: Submit levels for public servers!
• Character leveling and skills: customize your character for your playstyle. Create a invincible tank, a stealthy rogue, or a powerful mage
• Farming: Domesticate mobs, take care of them in your barn and breed them! Grow crops for creating potions, money or aid in exploring
• UI system for advanced custom crafting of weapons, armor and vehicles. Quality based on character crafting skill, with adding gems and enhancements
• Polygon based worlds. Mini planets, solar systems, and space travel

•• Instructions ••
• Customize and create your player and world
• Play single player, wifi game, or join a public server
• Mine dirt, stone, ect with the pickaxe. Chop trees and items with the axe. Use the hammer to break down backgrounds or items
• Keys: W(move left), A or Space(jump/ double jump), S(move down, duck, go prone, or slide), D(move right), and Shift to walk. Click to mine, place or attack.
• Use the fast attack button to combo attacks on mobs(Left Click). Use the strong attack for higher damage(Right Click). Use the shield to become invincible(Middle mouse button or ‘E’)
• Mouse scroll to zoom in / out of the world; open your inventory and scroll to increase / decrease button size. Move items by holding them down for 1s, or split stacks by holding down longer
• Build amazing structures, upgrade your tools, and share on our facebook page!
• More instructions on the wiki:

•• Bugs ••
• World format: needs to be changed, to optimize network, allow boss areas/ scripting, and allow more biomes+bigger worlds
• Lighting system was too slow, so has been cut down and needs to be redone
• Multiplayer movement needs to be changed to look smoother

The game is still in alpha, because there is so much still that we want to add.
There are only 2 of us working on it, but we appreciate everyone who plays the game, helps contribute by finding bugs, adding ideas, suggestions and feedback

Join the forums:
Please leave feedback, have friends play with you, and be a part of helping an indie game grow! Let us know what you want added first!

•• Free Version vs Paid ••
We want to have everyone be able to play the game, both to try it out, and for people who can’t invest in its development yet. The Paid version has a much bigger inventory (80 vs. 20), and each character also starts with a “Backers Reward”, which allows you to teleport to and from your spawn point. We hope you help fund development, but understand if you can’t.

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